Co-constructed concept map of main ideas in our conceptual change class

ENE59500_Class_Concept_MapHere is the amazing concept map constructed today during the final class of ENE 50500-004: Conceptual Change in Engineering. We divided our thoughts into three main areas: pedagogical implications (the lime green bubble), is conceptual best seen as individual knowledge acquisition or is to more of a collaborative process of participatory learning? (pink bubble), and is conceptual change a coherent theory in students’ minds? or is it better described as knowledge in pieces (purple bubble). The nine graduate students in this class are responsible for the links that were made here. You can see their individual maps in earlier posts. So fortunate to work with this great group of people this semester!

Concept Map of Conceptual Change

Concept Map of Conceptual Change

I developed the following concept map for our reading and discussion on conceptual change this semester. The bottom half of the map (in blue) is targeted at the key idea of what is conceptual change. Above (in pink) is targeted at the other key idea of how can we facilitate change. A major theme was the importance of prior knowledge. Additional factors include the influence of development and the fact that this is situated as seeking progress in the learner’s conceptualization towards an accepted model.