Concept Map of Conceptual Change

Concept Map of Conceptual Change

I developed the following concept map for our reading and discussion on conceptual change this semester. The bottom half of the map (in blue) is targeted at the key idea of what is conceptual change. Above (in pink) is targeted at the other key idea of how can we facilitate change. A major theme was the importance of prior knowledge. Additional factors include the influence of development and the fact that this is situated as seeking progress in the learner’s conceptualization towards an accepted model.

One thought on “Concept Map of Conceptual Change

  1. Whoa — Emily, I love this. I’m guessing that you’ve got this all backed up by literature somewhere (in your brain) — and am wondering if we could use this as a coding guide for our faculty workshop fieldwork this summer.

    What program did you use to make this map (and is there a way to get an editable version of the original file? there’s a typo on “composed of mental representations” in the middle of the left-side border).

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